This past Sunday, my assistant/makeup artist and I had a shoot with an aspiring model. We met Camille and her mom down on Brown’s Island. It was a perfect day. Almost 70 degrees at 3pm. Just a few clouds, a nice breeze. It was shaping up to be an ideal photo day.  Meghan, my assistant, was putting makeup on Camille when I noticed some darkness coming over the hill.  We brushed it off as the weather said it wasn’t going to rain until after midnight.  Well, the weather app was wrong, haha.  As soon as Meghan applied that last of Camille’s makeup, we felt raindrops.  We tried to get a few shots on a bridge without cover but it started raining harder.  We found solace under a bridge overpass and took some great shots waiting for the rain to stop.  It didn’t.

It rained the whole time but we made the best of it and got some beautiful photos that she can now take to her modeling agency.  They requested 2 head shots and one full body.  I took over 300 photos, it was so hard to narrow down the best ones for her to use.  And even harder to narrow them down even further to post on my site!  I hope you enjoy them.